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15-Jan-2020 05:52

You can also download the latest version of i Cloud for Windows. In the Internet Properties dialog, click the Advanced tab.In the Settings section, under Security, make sure that you deselect the “Do not save encrypted pages to disk” checkbox. To access your photos on i Cloud for Windows 10, choose Start, then choose i Cloud and select i Cloud Photos.* Your files live in i Cloud Drive, with indicators that show their current status and where they are located:** You might also be able to choose Free Up Space to remove a locally stored file or folder.

Once the free update completes, Carbonite will resume your backup automatically. Update Carbonite Once downloaded, you can update Carbonite by clicking Run on your web browser or finding the Carbonite Setup file in your downloads and double-clicking on it.Before you try to install or set up i Cloud for Windows 7.x, log in as an administrator.