Updating world of warcraft addons

01-Oct-2019 09:29

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Check out different Add Ons, find what works for you.

- Without additional information it would be near impossible to figure out which Add On you're hoping to find.

These steps will ensure a clean and aggravation free mod using experience.

They will ensure that you don't spend hours trying to figure out exactly what killed your system. Use the "Load Outdated Add Ons" check box, located under the Add Ons button on your Character Select screen instead.

Add Ons - These are extra files, put into the Wo W Interface directory on your hard drive which supplement the existing LUA and XML code that Blizzard created that makes up the user interface that everyone uses.

Add Ons are made up of LUA files, and XML files, both of which are also run by Blizzard's interpreter.

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Examples of Add Ons: Please note, this is definitely not anywhere near a "complete" list, there are many many many others.They run separate from the game similar to how ICQ or MSN Messenger runs in the background.The difference is that 3rd party hacks try to read, or change data coming into or out of the WOW game client(to the network card), or they try to read or write to memory space used by the Wow Game client.A large number of the ones I've got listed there are suites/compilations, an example listing of stand-alones would be absolutely freaking huge. This is just a very small sample listing to give you an idea of the fact that there are tons out there.

You have to figure out which one gives you the options you want, or mix and match to get what you want.

If you use "Load Outdated Add Ons", without making any changes to the toc numbers (i.e., the proper way to deal with patch days), then when something stops working, you've got some hope of figuring out which mod(s) aren't working right, since you can go back to the Add On button on the Character Select screen and see which Add Ons aren't updated yet.