Validating checkboxes in java script

29-Sep-2020 03:12

Anyways, may just switch over to a wp plugin, but thought I'd try to sharpen up my development skills a little lol Cheers!

I usually work with PHP so sadly don't have some basic JS principles down.

I am updating the database depending upon the selection of the checkboxes.

The functionality is working fine but I am unable to throw a validation message in case the user does not select any of the checkboxes.

Here you can see the custom message being displayed in Firefox: Custom messages can be set in a similar manner for object states (validity.value Missing, validity.pattern Mismatch, ...) to determing the right message. The previous example was starting to become a bit cluttered with two Java Script script blocks as well as the The forms behaviour should be unchanged: While it looks much more complicated, this is a better solution because it allows for the HTML and Java Script to be maintained separately.

The only hooks between them are the values for the form itself and the checkbox input element.

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Basically, when the checkbox is happy, the label is happy.Just you have to track the id or name of the checkboxes. For statically you can use hard coded id of the checkboxes and for dynamically you can use the name of the field as an array and create a loop.