Vb net database not updating Frecam adult

17-Sep-2019 12:39

I'm Using vs 2005 with ms access 2003 database and finding myself how to get rid of this error "Syntax Error on UPDATE Statement" can you take a look at my codes below and tell me what's wrong? Public Class Transactions Dim cnn OLEDB As New Ole Db Connection Dim cmd OLEDB As New Ole Db Command Dim cmd Insert As New Ole Db Command Dim cmd Update As New Ole Db Command Dim str Connection String = "Provider=Microsoft. Current Directory & "\Library Database.mdb" Private Sub Transactions_Load(By Val sender As System. I have linked my page to a SQL server table named tbt Home containing to fields. While I can retreive the existing data in the database, I am not able to save any changes made using the update command.

Command Text = "INSERT INTO Categories (Category Name, Description) VALUES (@Category Name, @Description)" Sql Insert Command1.

Page Protected Sub Page_Load(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System. Load Dim Connection As New Sql Connection Dim dr As Sql Data Reader Dim Command As Sql Command Connection = New Sql Connection("Data Source=.\SQLEXPRESS; Attach Db Filename=|Data Directory|\CMS.mdf; Integrated Security=True; User Instance=True") Connection.

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