Video cam free sin city

26-Apr-2020 19:22

In 2018, the quality of the camera is nearly always positioned as the main selling point and differentiator.

That’s where we’re at with most new-fangled smartphones — the phone functionality itself is a secondary consideration, while its various internet-connected apps and features are pretty much a given.

Reviews these days also tend to focus on the quality of the camera, as with the recent i Phone launch and Huawei’s P20 Pro, which we called mind-blowingly awesome.

With that in mind, Chinese smartphone giant Huawei today unveiled the Mate P20 and Mate P20 Pro and, again, the camera (both hardware and software) was a major focal point.

One of my favorites for pure memery was the draw tool, and now I’m stuck in a complicated dance of switching back and forth between this app and facebook messenger to get my memes out.

We are aways listening, email us for any support You Rock :) Don’t get me wrong, this app is fantastic for editing simple pictures together and whatnot. First off, I purchased the pro version a long time ago, and it has me stuck in the free version now.

I’ll probably end up using a different app, but if and when these problems get fixed, I’ll be happy to return.

Granted this update took a whopping 8 months, I absolutely hate it.

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