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I think all wide streets should streets should have something similar.

It completely transforms them from a big ugly mess of cars, to a pleasant street that you can enjoy walking on. It is sometimes referred to as the "city in a forest"...trees are considered by some to be Atlanta's greatest natural asset.

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One city that surprised me tremendously, was Mexico City.

The winners tended to be tall, relatively fast-growing canopy trees, while the losers tended to be slower-growing trees that live their whole lives in the dim depths of the forest below the canopy.

Laurance and his colleagues could find no past anomalies in rainfall that might explain this pattern of change.

10 March 04 New news service Changes to apparently pristine parts of the Amazonian rainforests have been revealed by a survey of trees.

Tall, fast-growing trees are doing better than those that grow slowly.

The changes - possibly the result of increasing levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere - threaten to reduce the Amazon basin's crucial ability to store excess CO2.

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