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However, with more compression there is more loss of image quality. For printing use, it is best to convert the image to a CMYK TIFF.JPG files are popular for computer and Web use, since the file size is smaller, yet it has a good range of color depth.Transparency can be saved in the GIF format, as well as multiple images in the same file for use as animated GIFs.PNG (Portable Network Graphic) is also a popular Web and computer screen format.The better the source image, then the better the options to make adjustments and still retain quality.Read more »A PDF file (Portable Document Format, developed by Adobe Systems) is a great way to send a document.

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The first is the size of the file image (resolution), and the second is the proper final format of the file.Bottom Line on File Formats: For commercial printing, the best format is TIFF using CMYK mode.

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