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17-Jun-2020 02:57

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Once you are done with it, you feel so fresh and so clean and you get that feeling of refreshment.

This is a ritual that we all go through in the morning, but what if we told you that there are other kinds of showers, the kinds that don't get you cleaned up at all.

This is why there are so many videos but who cares, the more the merrier.

Some of the sites are not just video sites, some of them are blogs, then there are golden shower forums, where you can log in and become a member of a forum.

There are those, true golden shower fans who are getting pissed on with real proper, homemade, golden, yellow piss, the kind that you stick like a skunk 3 days later and you just can't stand the stench. The ones that we are presenting here are all premium content videos, so they are all made under professional circumstances. Some are secretly yearning to be pissed on in this way but they are not telling the director that.

Even the actresses won't agree to get pissed on unless the piss is clear. It is all a part of this great taboo that is taking the definition of taboo to its maximum. Check out all of the sites that we've placed on the list.

Male Feet BDSM - Guys with beautiful feet tied up and used. Foot bondage, tickling, bastinado and other painful foot torture.

Watersports is a common term used to describe the act of urinating, watching urination or being urinated on during sex. Urolagnia doesn't necessarily require the physical act of urination.