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We stopped going to the Flower Show (absolutely spectacular) due to parking issues. But I have many Wellesley friends and classmates married to Yalies. During the week it was dirty hair and gymsuits; then a miraculous transformation on Friday.Today, there is a very large Lesbian population at Wellesley, Holyoke, and Smith-N. There are also dozens of college consortiums..where you can spend a semester or a year studying at one of the member schools. So one of the women went to Yale and the other Smith?It used to be that none of the schools could outbid each other for a student so the F A Officers all sat down and made sure that the financial aid packages were the same And the consortium of Haverford, Swarthmore, Bryn Mawr and U Penn was for cross-registration for classes. And as I said, that with several exceptions, the pairings were informal, social and not codified.That’s interesting- and I think a new development, as it wasn’t like that when I was applying to schools.

When I took my official campus visit 2 years ago, Strong Dorm was still single sex.

At one point, she lost her grip on the knife and reached for another she had brought with her, Kontz said.

Tang was armed with three knives, the prosecutor said.

CAMBRIDGE - After Anna Tang and her boyfriend broke up three weeks ago, prosecutors say, the Wellesley College junior began sending him e-mails telling him she would kill him. At about a.m., Tang sneaked into his dorm room at MIT, climbed on top of him as he slept, and plunged a knife into his back, Assistant District Attorney Suzanne Kontz said in Cambridge District Court yesterday, where Tang was arraigned.

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The man woke, turned around, and tried to fight her off, but Tang kept stabbing him.About 2 years into college, Harvard and Yale both announced an overhaul of their financial aid packages and I was extremely jealous as many of those kids would graduate debt-free, so I’m glad to hear that they have this no-compete clause now.