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This statement establishes Wentworth’s policy regarding all types of unlawful discrimination by faculty, administrators, supervisors, employees, contractors, guests, vendors, parents and students.[1] Wentworth fully supports the right of all persons to hold employment without suffering unlawful discrimination of any kind.

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Wentworth recognizes that the interests of all persons are best served by the prompt investigation and resolution of unlawful discrimination, including sexual harassment and assault.

There are times when a response to the unlawful discrimination may be available and appropriate and resolve the behavior.

Depending on the circumstances and how severe the unlawful discrimination is, some immediate responses could be: If practical, bring a witness with you for this discussion.

However, sexual harassment may also involve relationships among persons of equal authority or power, such as when repeated advances or demeaning verbal comments by a co-worker towards another co-worker have a harmful effect on a person’s ability to perform his or her work.

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Sexual harassment can also involve employee behavior directed at nonemployees or nonemployee behavior directed at employees.The written statement is most effective when it includes the following information: a description of the incident(s), the name of the person(s) engaging in the conduct, times, locations, specific words/actions, and the name of any witnesses to the incident(s).

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