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She must have been so annoyed when he cast Karen Allen in Raiders. Amy Irving is a fine actress; regrettabley she hasn’t done much work.She’s a far better actress and much more good looking than Karen Allen. The Fury (1978) Official Trailer #1 - Kirk Douglas Movie HD Subscribe to TRAILERS: Subscribe to COMING SOON: ZUn Subscribe to CLASSIC TRAILERS: De Like us on FA...I absolutely love that gorgeous shot in Carrie of Amy/Sue Snell at the prom where her entire face FILLS the screen as she realizes what's abut to go down.That one shot says so much and is so beautifully done.I saw her years in a Broadway production of Shaw's "Heartbreak House", and she was excellent, more than holding her own with such theater luminaries as Rex Harrison, Rosemary Harris, Dana Ivey and Philip Bosco.

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' I remember him giggling and smiling when he was acquitted. There's an interview out there where Bruno Barretto references how "losing her was very hard for me" or something like that. Photos of Bowser from about 2008 are very good-looking. During one of their off periods, he met Irving again after their last break-up and reconnected.

The third was some pilot she developed post thirtysomething that the studio bought but insisted somebody other than her play the lead.

Mayron would have been better in "Crossing Delancey". I even liked her when she brought the character back in the sequel.

I assumed it wouldn't hold up when I saw it many years later and it's not a classic but I still really liked it.

Dudley Moore was quite good - I don't think he made a decent movie after that.I think Irving and Spielberg realized they got married for the wrong reasons.