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Turn to the next, and you will find him denounced as a brash, perma-tanned playboy whose leonine locks, brooding, dark Gallic looks and luxurious lifestyle keep him a permanent fixture in the gossip columns. "What better ambassadors for a younger generation could we have than the Duke and Duchess?

"I'm a pretty poor playboy if that's the case." It is a deft response. But when the women in question are model Elle "The Body" Macpherson, the mother of his two sons, and actress Uma Thurman (not to mention the fact that as a young man he dated Farrah Fawcett, 16 years his senior), it is hardly surprising that the paparazzi tend to take a great deal of interest in his life. And managed to raise eye-watering millions (£17.2 million) for an array of children's health and education projects in the UK and abroad.

A week-long trip from Monte Carlo to Italy in the Maltese Falcon, the world's largest yacht, and three days of racing went initially for £48,000. And it encourages others." For Busson, the ends justify the means. We began getting them closed down and built smaller homes that take just eight or 10 children. They loved getting attention." The experience has, he says, affected how he brings up his own sons. Swiss by birth, his father, Pascal Busson, was a French war hero who at one time ran Lehman Brothers bank in Paris.The Swiss company — of which Busson, the ex-fiancée of Hollywood actress Uma Thurman, is executive chairman — has racked up losses of close to m in three years....1995 - July 2005Elle Macpherson dated French financier Arpad Busson for a decade, and the couple had two children together: Arpad Flynn (born February 14, 1998) and Aurelius Cy (born February 4, 2003).Tracy Emin's neon sign artwork More Passion raised a similar amount; a weekend of hunting, shooting and fishing on the remote Scottish isle of Jura fetched £220,000; lunch and a day at a fashion show with Anna Wintour, editor of American Vogue, went for £180,000; dinner and an outfit with Tom Ford raised £100,000; and a weekend at the Oscars, along with an invitation to Vanity Fair's party after the awards, brought in £250,000. But wasn't it all about the wealthy vying to compete with each other's wallets, in a slightly tasteless display of largesse? In Eastern Europe it has released thousands of children from inhumane treatment in orphanages – and is aiming to have all of them closed by 2020 – and established its own smaller institutions, where the children receive individual care. Because they couldn't afford heating, the windows were never opened. But my mother had always so admired ARK's work that I knew she would have wanted it to go ahead." What drives him in his charity work is a social responsibility. I am constantly amazed by the dedication of our health workers abroad.

This week it announced a major diarrhoea vaccination treatment programme in Zambia, where the illness is the second-biggest killer of under-fives. But nothing prepares you for the moment you open the doors. The children were emaciated because they were never given solids, only soup. In one room there must have been 40, all banging their heads on the walls. My son, Arpad Flynn, was just three then [he's 13 now, while Aurelius Cy, Busson's second son with Ms Macpherson, is eight] and the sight of those tiny children in such filth… "With wealth, one is in a position of responsibility," he insists. But they can't do it without money." Neither does he buy into the "charity begins at home" argument.His lawyer Peter Bronstein argued: “If he’s going to be denied his rights they’re going to be denied in public.” The judge ruled it should be heard in open court — a decision which had Uma closing her eyes, witheringly.