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16-Feb-2020 06:26

Sarah Mc Lachlan is brimming with good vibes these days, back on track musically with this year’s album, Shine On, and a live show that’s earning rave reviews as it makes its way across the country. The Canadian pop superstar has been through a difficult time in recent years, facing a series of challenges that started with the unexpected departure of her husband of 11 years, who was her drummer and is the father of her two daughters. To top it off, she parted ways with her longtime management company.“I was really happy to turn 40 and then everything fell apart at that point,” recalls the singer-songwriter, who’s now 46.

“I wallowed in self-pity for five minutes — well, more like a few months — and then it was like, ‘OK, this sucks but I have to find a way through it.’”The uncertainty is reflected in the poignant music of this year’s album, including songs of loss, such as the beautiful Song For My Father and yearning, Surrender & Certainty. It’s a means to quell the noise a little bit and figure out a way through it, and find a place to put it so it’s not at the forefront of my brain all the time.“By the end of the writing and making of it, I had really come full circle, and I feel like I’m in a really great place now.

Meadow Brook Amphitheatre - Rochester Hills I attended this event with my husband, Michael, for my Birthday! The Rose Music Center at The Heights - Huber Heights The concert was indeed an intimate Evening - we liked the smaller venue and it seemed more personal. I would see her in concert at Meadowbrook 100 more times.

Knowing what prompted her to write the songs was a great personal touch. And the orchestra live on stage, made all the difference in the level if the show and the way the songs were played. Amazing Concert Meadow Brook Amphitheatre - Rochester Hills This was the greatest night ever. She is funny and sweet and has the best voice and range; there is not a better female singer. Sarah is also wonderful on the piano and you can really tell she loves performing and singing and playing the piano. We were under the pavilion about 8 rows back in M and it was perfect.

It was welcome news after a short break away from studio releases.

However, Mc Lachlan was far from out of the shadows during that time. In 1997, she founded Lilith Fair, which presented 70 female artists live on three stages.

However, that stunning voice of hers has made the greatest lasting impression on critics and fans alike.

Her lofty status as a noteworthy Canadian prompted Olympic officials to book her for the opening of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver, Canada, where she performed the uplifting "Ordinary Miracle" live in front of ticket holders and the rest of the world.

I don’t want to be that artist who keeps going out on tour and playing only the songs from 20 years ago.”After all, with music sales continuing to plunge, the live concert is an increasingly important aspect of an artist’s career, one of the few sources of revenue.

Sarah left Vancouver on Friday with her girls for a few days in LA looking healthy and gorgeous and glowing and fresh…It’s been a wonderful summer.

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