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24-Sep-2019 13:41

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Will you love yourself enough to only allow in that happy, healthy, and loving relationship you deserve?If betrayal is part of your journey (and like it or not, it is), what enlightening insights can help you heal in the months to come (and hopefully avoid any future betrayals)?But until you can forgive yourself and at least consider forgiving your partner, your heart, soul, and body will become a toxic receptacle, holding onto all negativity like a sponge.Do yourself a favor, spare yourself months of self-loathing and blame by instead giving yourself the gift of forgiveness. You are not letting the other person off the hook for hurting you, but you are lessening the grip betrayal has over you and allowing greater focus on the many positive points in your life that can help you move forward.If you can’t forgive, then don’t waste time staying in the relationship and trying to make your partner pay for their past transgressions.

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Next, start thinking about what you can learn from this agonizing experience.

” You may also be beating yourself up, wondering how a smart, savvy, somewhat idiot-proof individual like you could have gotten so blindsided by someone you trusted and loved.

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