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30-Sep-2020 16:39

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I met Greg* through a dating website and we talked online and then on the phone for about a week.I was very hesitant because I had never tried online dating before, and also because of one more very glaring fact: Greg was in a four-year relationship with Jen*. He was looking for another partner because he and Jen are polyamorous and they often maintain more than one relationship at once.We cooked together at Greg’s house, making jokes and giving each other back rubs. I suppose the feeling of familiarity and normalcy that washed over me that night would have seemed strange to an outsider. How could something as radical as dating a couple be such a non-issue?We watched “Harold and Maude.” Jen wore a beautiful dress and we compared our fashion sensibilities. Honestly, it felt very similar to the beginning of many of my heterosexual, monogamous relationships.We got pizza, talked, and ended the night with kissing.

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I felt like a nervous 14-year-old boy trying to figure out how to introduce himself to a girl at a school dance.

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