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The show featured some of the band's highest charting singles, including "Rooster", "Down in a Hole", "Heaven Beside You", "No Excuses" and "Would?

", and introduced a new song, "Killer Is Me", with Cantrell on lead vocals.

As the activity of Alice in Chains slowed and the band's future came into question, Cantrell reluctantly began work on his first full-length solo record.Playing again in 2005 felt right, so we did the next thing and toured. It’s more than just making music, and it always has been. We’ve been more of a family than most, and it had to be okay from here", Cantrell said pointing to his heart. I had these mystery migraines, intense physical pain, and I'd even gotten a spinal tap to test for certain things. I felt I was puking up all this undigested grief in losing Layne." Once Cantrell started writing the song and the rest of the album, his mystery illness disappeared.