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Toews, who became the franchise's youngest captain at age 20, is the contemplative Canadian. Kane: That's because you came over and said something.

Kane, the first American forward named Stanley Cup playoffs MVP, is the brash Buffalo native. I don't remember why we were chirping back and forth, but it sent me over the edge.

The media likes to ask me, "Are you more focused this year? " That question ticks me off because what happened in the past seems like long ago. I'm sure there's something I've changed here and there.

Toews: We were so mad at each other that we were going to fight right there in the middle of the night. Toews: Do you remember the first time we played on the same team, the Junior Flyers? Kane: I'll read articles about myself, and they always have to go back to what happened off the ice. [Laughs.]Follow The Mag on Twitter (@ESPNmag) and like us on Facebook.

American right winger who helped the Chicago Blackhawks win Stanley Cup Championships in 2010, 20.

Someone ordered a round of 50 shots and started celebrating with tons of random, crazy Canadian fans. If we have a chance to go to [Sochi] I don't really know what to expect. There were certainly times when we weren't happy with one another, but I think that's natural. He won a 2010 Olympic silver medal alongside teammate Ryan Kesler on the US national team.Patrick Kane/Jonathan Toews is the biggest pairing in Hockey RPF. Does he happen to have a somewhat attractive, bossy captain/teammate/roommate/BFF/bromeo in his life?It seems like it's going to be a lot different than Vancouver.

You might look back to Vancouver and say that was the first time you got to play in the Olympics and it was almost like you were spoiled there. You could almost walk to see your parents and family.

Tropes usually employed are friends-to-lovers, the rookies getting a surprise about them being in an established relationship, moving in together in 9 Walton, and retiring.