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21-Dec-2019 14:46

The configure menu in control center then reverts to WEP and every time you change it to WPA/WPA2 preshared key if you open it again it says WEP. No working leases in persistent database - sleeping. I get the same "revert to WEP' if I remove the wlan0 connection and set up a new network interface. – After four or more such instructions to connect followed by a "BAD PASSWORD" error message, wicd finally makes a successful connection.This ultimately successful connection event occurs without having made any changes to the wicd settings for the access point after system power-up.But if I add "mode=1" to the NETWORK section, then it works.So yes, it does look like a bug in wicd unless I'm doing something wrong.

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Clearly, however, at least in part the fault lies with wicd itself: It repeatedly misdiagnoses the fault and it repeatedly puts out a plainly wrong and misleading error message.I can connect just fine to the same network with netcfg (actually, netcfg is the only wifi tool besides wpa-supplicant that works).