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With fleets of UPS, Fed Ex and postal service delivery trucks dropping off packages to every corner of civilization, it's obvious the world has embraced online shopping in a big way.

This frenzy has created a "can't go wrong" mentality among entrepreneurs who naively believe all they have to do is throw a line in the water and they'll reel in boatloads of orders with no end in sight.

Regardless of what you're selling, it's important to identify the reasons why people should buy from you and not the next guy. When ten minutes pass and no orders arrive, the look of concern on their faces in almost comical. Where are all these orders I thought I'd be getting? Make a promotional video about your product or service and post to You Tube then link it to your social media accounts.

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Some of these already had "brick and mortar" stores and also wished to tap into the online market while others were first time entrepreneurs who were wildly optimistic and determined to claim their piece of the explosive, multi-billion dollar online shopping phenomenon.

If you are sourcing your products from a distributor or manufacturer, see if they offer a "drop ship" service as this can save you the hassle of handling and shipping product.

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