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30-Mar-2020 16:37

The quality definitely differs from each season by getting better and better.

To Love-Ru is an ecchi comedy SOL harem that involves aliens and creatures of all sorts who lead our fateful protagonist, Yuuki Rito, into countless jaw-dropping and cringe-worthy situations over and over again.El 4 de octubre de 2010 la Jump Square comenzó a publicar una continuación del manga con el nombre de To Love-Ru Darkness.En el año 2015 fue lanzada la segunda temporada titulada "To Love-Ru Darkness 2nd" con la continuación de "To Love-Ru Darkness".While Motto didn't really have an overarching story, Darkness does a great job incorporating that into the fray especially by delving into and really focusing on the characters of Yami and Momo (who are two of my three favorite characters).

Also, Yui Kotegawa starts to get more and more screen time (which I love). The ecchi reaches borderline-hentai levels here and it is glorious.

And they interact marvelously with each other as they try to chase Rito or fend off his unwitting sexual harassment.