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24-Oct-2019 03:02

Please Read: This story is one that I'm using as practice for character development for writing my book which hopefully will be released this year (anyone can publish one but I always wanted to do that).Now for ANYONE that knows the back story of Spider-Man (that should be easy) and X-23 "Laura Kinney," don't shoot me with "There's no way those two could ever end up together." Considering Marvel destroyed the marriage of Peter and MJ, I'd say anything is possible.Chapter 4: The Bad Days A/N: Hope you guys enjoy this one. Peter had already left for work and Laura could hear the sound of little feet in the living room outside the door.

When Laura comes to she and Peter aren't in the restaurant, they're in Aunt May's home.With herself, Logan, Aunt May and Peter all sitting in the living room. She gazed at her family and looked down at her hands, then began to let the tears fall.No words needed to be said she just hasd to let it all out right now.She didn't want him to see her like this she didn't want to be a burden."P-peter its nothing I promise. You know raising a kid, being an X-Man…."Peter squeezed his wife's hand tightly, "Laura I care about you and you know you don't have to go through it alone."Laura didn't say a word to him, she just stared out the window lost in her memories.

Laura kept snapping and breaking Rice's fingers one by one.

He put a hand on his wifes hand and looked her in the eyes."Whats wrong?

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