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02-Jul-2020 08:05

Making sure that the more social elements are more readily available."Nichols also points out that the Activity Feed--the console's Facebook newsfeed, of sorts--is a feature that users love..they can find it."When people find it today, they love it," Nichols said.

"It gets fantastic engagement but it's just a little too buried.

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In fact, Microsoft's Mike Nichols tells Game Spot in a new interview that it's not only the largest update to an Xbox console ever released, but possibly the most significant update made to "It's arguably the most significant release we've ever made to a console--and that anybody's ever made to a console," he says.

And once you get into games, performing popular actions like starting a party, seeing what friends are online, and communicating with them should be faster, too."There are certain features that have been on the list that the team and I have been working through that we really wanted to make available to people," he said.