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06-Jul-2020 02:40

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Yui Aragaki and Ryo Nishikido were reported to have been in a relationship by a tabloid in March last year.

Not much has been heard afterwards as both were busy with their own projects like dramas and commercials, but Aragaki has apparently already announced to the people around her that she has stopped seeing Nishikido.

She however continues, 'I still want people to recognize me as an actress so I won't lose!

'."A showbiz writer reports: "Gakky absolutely hates standing out, and she got really depressed when a tabloid published her picture.

The voices of jealousy from the other members also appeared to increase.”Moreover, “Itano and Sashihara were like cats and dogs.

When it was published in Bunshun it was like saying to yourself, “Ah, I expected that.” However, once I listened to the people around me, it seemed like Itano was more passionate about it than TAKAHIRO was.

So TAKAHIRO didn’t have that inclination.”Right after the report, the companies of both sides were in a mad rush, but the Itano in question was “Surprised, but in some respects also proud”, said an official of another agency.

According to a showbiz representative, "I actually saw Yui Aragaki dining with a female friend at an Okinawan restaurant along Nakasendo in summer last year.

Everyone, including the restaurant staff chose not to pay too much attention because she was there for private reasons, but Aragaki started talking as if she didn't care about her surroundings."She also said that she wanted to settle down with someone who can live in Okinawa, more than ending up with someone who's her type.'.""Katsuji and his mother are both very busy and don't have the chance to see each other much, but when they did, he apparently introduced Toda to her.

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